How to choose a wedding dress?

How to choose a wedding dress?

hesitating ? Do not know where to start at all? There are so many things to consider

For every bride there is her one

..So let's make an order

? Here are the most important tips on how to choose a wedding dress  

         Inspirational folder

In a world full of social networks there are plenty of models

Of all types and styles

First look for your style, the one that best suits your character and what you represent. I believe that the wedding dress must match the personality of the bride. Open an inspirational folder on your mobile or computer, into which you transfer the same models that you most connect to, the ones you would dream of measuring or even marrying. An inspirational folder according to your style will help you find the designer who is best for you.


Once you are exposed to the vast variety that exists, focus on your style.

Modern style? Or something more classic. Sexy or conservative.

Sequin or lace, and maybe even combine the two. Sleeves yes or no? There are so many parameters to the model.

Match it to the season, sleeves always add but not always fit for the season.

         Fashion Designer

The inspirational folder has lots of types of models that you liked, go back to the folder, look for your style and models, call to schedule an appointment.

tip! Beauty has no end, everywhere will be different, different, special.

Fashion designer - he is a professional who lives, breathes and sees fashion all the time all day! He knows best what is right for you, and what will bring out the best in you! There is no bride who does not want to look her best during the day. Like there is no designer whose most important thing is that the bride be no less than amazing! Do not forget his best business card.

It is no less important to him than you to be satisfied.

Let him lead, and of course maintain a sincere and genuine discourse so that he can understand exactly what is best for you!

Personal treatment is a mandatory component in the whole process, the designer studio and staff must instill in you a good, professional and considerate atmosphere.


Design is the key to success! , The right shape can do wonders for a woman's body. There are a variety of cuts, each woman has her own cut. There are women who will prefer a tight cut or one that is wide at all. There is no substitute for measuring. During the studio session, share with the designer your thoughts and the cuts you thought about.

It's time to research, measure, ask and understand what's best for you ?! What I would like to highlight or alternatively blur.


Every designer boasts a studio where the dresses are showcased and measured

The studio has a professional fashion team that is there to provide you with the best service available, and put you at the center.

The atmosphere and energy in the studio are so important

The studio will hold a number of sessions and there is nothing like happy energies to make the process more positive and exciting.

There are designers who can get a bridal organizing service like ours, and there are some who are just measuring and collecting the dress


Price is a very important parameter! Wedding is an economic business for everything. Allocate an amount in advance for a wedding dress that you know you can afford, and try not to do it